Airbag     Amnesiac     Anyone Can Play Guitar  A Punchup at a Wedding    

Before Kid A     Bones     Creep     Drill     Fake Plastic Trees     Go To Sleep     

Hail To The Thief    High & Dry     How To Disappear Completely     Idioteque

I Might Be Wrong     Itch     Just     Karma Police     Kid A     Knives Out     Let Down

Live At The Astoria     Live Au Forum     Lucky     My Iron Lung     National Anthem

No Surprises   OK Computer   Optimistic   Pablo Honey    Paranoid Android    Pop Is Dead

Pyramid Song     Special Sampler 2000     Stop Whispering     Street Spirit     The Bends

There There     2+2=5


Karma Police (Townhouse Ref CD)   Not My Fault (Capitol Acetate CD) 

Remyxomatosis / Skttrbrain (Capitol Remix CD)



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