Welcome to Radioheadcds.com. I started collecting Radiohead cd's
a few years back and finally decided to make a website with them.
It may not be the most accurate account of every official cd ever put out
but it's damn close and can only get better with time. If you have any
suggestions of any info that is missing or is wrong, please feel free to
contact me. I have organized them in alphabetical order because it was the
easiest way. Scanning and cataloguing all this is a lot harder than you
think. I will be adding more info and pics for each cd in the near future.
I hope the info I provided can be of some use to you. I would like to
thank a few people in no particular order for their help over the years.
Jill Offenbeck, Paul Gatto, Ken Ko, James Ross, David Worthington,
Steve Vanderwerf, Steve Sundstrom, Ben Backhurst, Ibo de Vries, Mark Swaisland,
Christophe Gourraud, Mani Obhrai, Dennis Maglinte, Richard Arthur, and Sage Warren
Without you I might have collected Menudo cd's.


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